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About Us

Sequel Apparel is a resale clothing and accessories store specializing in contemporary, casual, high-quality clothing. Since buying used has a lower impact on both the environment and the wallet, we wanted to make Sequel a place where you can get great deals on great clothes in a warm, comfortable, relaxed and approachable atmosphere. Currently, Sequel Apparel carries both men’s and women’s clothing, especially designer denim, but only women’s shoes, purses, scarves, hats, and jewelry. We also display art by local, eco-minded artists.

Sell Clothes With Us

Please note that we will not be buying clothes until September 21, 2015. We are a little bit overstocked!

Sequel Apparel is a resale clothing store. For us, this means that we actually purchase clothing that our customers bring in to the store, rather than operating on a consignment model. It’s less paperwork for us, and customers get to use their store credit right away, or they get to walk away with cash in hand. At Sequel, we offer 50% of the retail price in store credit or 35% in cash.

What are we looking for? Well, we need better-label and designer clothing and accessories that are seasonal, in great condition, cute, and top quality. We always need designer denim! (Doesn’t everyone?) We also stock costume and locally-made jewelry year-round. In the Winter, we look for nice coats, cashmere sweaters, warm scarves and hats, and other layering items. In the Spring, we need light jackets, blazers, tee shirts, skirts, capris, and dresses. In Summer, we mostly look for shorts, light skirts, sundresses, and sandals. In Fall, we need to stock up on boots, heavier skirts, coats, and layering items like cardigans.

Because the owner is usually in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, you don’t need to make an appointment during the week to sell things. However, she does take the occasional vacation, so to be 100% certain that she’s in you can call the store ahead of time at 503-235-5610. Also, if you wish to sell on a Friday or Saturday, you do need an appointment. Appointments can be made at any time, so if it's already the weekend and you're thinking about coming by, feel free to contact us because the owner might be in the shop already. She also does in-home appointments for the convenience of customers who would like to sell more merchandise than can be easily transported. In order to schedule such an appointment, call the store at the number below.

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6000 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215

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Store Hours

11am-6pm, Monday-Saturday
Closed Sunday

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